Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

Harvey George | Perfect Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s a space to relax, rejuvenate, and get ready for the day ahead. Choosing the right color scheme for your bathroom is crucial to creating a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. The colors you pick can impact your mood, energy level, and the overall vibe of the room. 

When selecting bathroom colors, you’ll want to consider the size of the space, how much natural light the room gets, the style you want to achieve, and colors that promote relaxation. Read on for tips to pick a foolproof bathroom color scheme.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Colors

Before picking any colors for your bathroom, you’ll want to think about the physical characteristics of the room. This will determine which color palettes will work best. Here are a few factors to take into account:

Room Size – Small bathrooms will look best with light colors that give the illusion of spaciousness. Dark colors can make a small bathroom feel closed in and cramped. For larger bathrooms, you have more flexibility to use darker or more saturated colors.

Natural Lighting – The amount of natural light your bathroom gets will affect which paint colors look best. If your bathroom has limited windows, lighter tones will help brighten up the space, while darker colors can make a naturally bright bathroom look crisp and airy. 

Personal Style – Consider the overall aesthetic you want for your bathroom. Do you prefer traditional, modern, minimalist, or eclectic styles? The color palette you choose should align with the look and feel you want.

Use – Factor in who will be using the bathroom most frequently. If it’s used often by kids, lighter tones that can hide dirt and stains may be preferable. 

Tile/Fixtures- Look at your existing tile, sinks, bathtub, etc. You’ll want your color scheme to complement these permanent fixtures. 

Once you’ve thought about the functional elements, it’s time to consider the vibe and emotions you want your color palette to evoke.

Choosing Colors for Relaxation

Since the bathroom is where we prepare for rest and rejuvenation, selecting relaxing hues is key. Cooler tones tend to be more calming than warm tones. Here are some top color ideas to create a tranquil bathroom atmosphere:

Blue – Shades like powder blue, sky blue, and periwinkle blue are associated with calmness and serenity. These cooler blues bring about feelings of relaxation. They work well as the main wall color or as accents around the room.

Green – Earthy greens like sage and seafoam also have a zen-inducing effect. Green is thought to symbolize harmony, growth, and restoration – perfect for a self-care space like the bathroom. Use green tones on the walls, towels, decor pieces, or tiles.

Neutral Tones – Off whites, beiges, light greys, and ivories are go-to neutrals for the bathroom. They provide a tranquil, simple backdrop that you can build upon with accent colors and decor. Neutral walls also make small bathrooms appear larger.

Purple – Soft lavenders, lilacs, and mauves create a dreamy, tranquil setting. Purple can be bold, so use lighter shades to evoke relaxation. Incorporate purple via floral wallpaper, hand towels, or shower curtains.

Teal – A blend of calming blue and green, teal is another color that stimulates serenity. Use teal walls or tiles for a relaxing spa-like feel. Pair it with cream or beige for balance.

When using brighter, bolder hues in your color palette, incorporate them through accents and decor rather than large areas like walls. This prevents the room from feeling too energizing.

Color Combinations for a Tranquil Bathroom

Now that you have an idea of soothing bathroom color options, here are some specific color combinations to inspire a peaceful space:

Sage Green & Neutral

– **Main color**: Light sage green walls

– **Accent color**: Cream or beige on trims/moldings 

– **Pops of color**: Towels and decor in ivory, grey, and navy blue

Fresh sage green walls serve as an earthy, zen backdrop, balanced out with creamy accents. This combination works well in modern, boho, or traditional bathrooms.

Lavender & Gold

– **Main color**: Soft lavender walls

– **Accent color**: Metallic gold on mirrors, lighting, and fixtures

– **Pops of color**: Cream and white towels and accessories 

Lavender walls create a sweet, soothing effect. Glam it up with shining gold accents and fixtures. The gold provides contrast without feeling too bold.

Periwinkle Blue & White

– **Main color**: Periwinkle blue walls

– **Accent color**: Crisp white trims and tiles

– **Pops of color**: White fluffy towels and neutral artwork

Light blue is universally calming. Coupled with bright white accents, this scheme feels airy and refreshing. Keep decor simple to allow the colors to shine.

Seafoam Green & Tan

– **Main color**: Seafoam or mint green walls

– **Accent color**: Light tan on floor tiles 

– **Pops of color**: Coral and turquoise towels or decor 

Cool seafoam walls get warmth from tan floors and fun bright accents. The beachy vibe promotes relaxation.

Light Gray & Teal

– **Main color**: Very light gray walls

– **Accent color**: Bold teal on towels, tiles, or vanity

– **Pops of color**: Natural wood accents and neutral artwork

Light gray walls recede, making a small bathroom feel bigger. Vibrant teal towels or ceramic tiles make a cheerful statement and add spa flair.

Setting the Mood with Paint Finish

Along with color, the paint finish you choose impacts the look and feel of your bathroom. Here are some top paint finishes to complement a tranquil color scheme:

– **Matte** – Flat matte paint absorbs light, creating a calming effect. It also hides flaws in the walls since it’s non-reflective. Use matte finish for bold wall colors.

– **Eggshell** – With just a hint of shine, eggshell has a classic look. It’s easy to clean and hides imperfections. Use it on main and accent walls.

– **Satin** – With medium luster, satin finish reflects some light. It has a luxurious feel that works well in elegant bathrooms.

– **Gloss** – High-gloss paint has a shiny, wet-look finish. Use it sparingly on trims and ceramic tiles for an ultra-reflective surface.

Be sure to choose moisture-resistant bathroom paints that can withstand steam and humidity. Many brands offer bathroom-specific finishes.

Creative Ways to Add Color in the Bathroom

Aside from wall paint, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate color into your bathroom design:

– Add a vibrant mosaic tile backsplash behind the sink or bathtub

– Choose ceramic floor tiles or shower tiles in ocean blues or neutral earth tones

– Select a patterned shower curtain in calming hues like aqua or violet

– Hang wall art featuring relaxing nature scenes and landscapes

– Display brightly colored bottles for soaps, lotions, and other bath accessories

– Fold towels and hang hand towels in coordinating or contrasting shades

– Incorporate freshly cut flowers and potted plants for organic pops of color

With all the amazing paint colors and design options available, you can easily craft a bathroom that looks amazing and provides the tranquil atmosphere you crave. Follow these tips to pick a color palette that promotes cleanliness, balance, and total rejuvenation. With your new spa-worthy bathroom oasis, you’ll look forward to escaping to this calm space and beginning each day refreshed and renewed.

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